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This site is here to try and help everyone who has dreams that they believe foretell future events.
Dreams do tell the future a lot of the time. That is certain.

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Dreams do Sometimes show us the future very clearly
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What this site is all about

There are two questions that many of us would like a definitive answer to. One is, is there life on other planets or somewhere out in the vastness of space, and the other is, is there life for us after the death of our physical bodies.If you think how many billions of galaxies there are out there in space, it seems to me to be very unlikely that life does not exist somewhere other than on this planet. After all, life exists almost everywhere on our Earth in some form or other.

I therefore concluded many years ago that we are not alone in the universe and thus have stopped asking myself the first question. The question of life after death is much more difficult to answer and I believe a much more important question to answer. I hope to show you why I believe that we continue to live after the death of our body, but first we should consider how knowing there is another life would affect us in this one, because if there is an afterlife, and we knew for sure that there was, just imagine how it could change you and how you live your life now.

Firstly, if we accept life after death, we would no longer need to suffer such loss when a friend or loved one dies, because we would know that one day when our turn came to die we could meet them again. Mind you, that’s fine for those that we want to be re-united with, the down side is for those that we would rather not meet again. Next, we would be forced to consider our behavior towards the wishes of the dead, (not to mention the living) as one day in that next life we may have to account to them for our actions, and if, as I believe, in the next life we have no secrets from each other, all the things we hid from others in this life could be there to haunt us. This could be why so many people refuse to accept the possibility that life, or should we call it, consciousness, can continue on after the death of our physical body. Most of the people I have met who vehemently deny the possible existence of an afterlife are motivated in this life by money and their personal satisfaction on this physical level.

There seems to me to be no doubt that believing in an afterlife makes us more honest, compassionate and thoughtful in this life.Life, What is It? I have always wondered what we are, wondered if what we are as a person, is what we are made of physically. Are we the product of all our living cells or are we the product of all our memories, or are we something else altogether just residing in a body made up of billions of cells with billions of memories.All that we call life, birds, plants, fish and animals (us) are built from building blocks we call cells. All living things are made up from cells.

These cells have the capacity to replicate themselves and grow and just like us are born and die. Cells divide in half in order to reproduce themselves, but it must be remembered that the cells that make our bodies are ever changing. We are not the same cells day after day for all our lives Human cells don’t live long and all the cells in our bodies are being recreated second by second, every day of our lives. Bacteria and viruses are also living things made of living cells, these microbes are all part of what we call life. So, this is the basic principle of life, all living things are comprised of cells.

Everything in the physical world is made up from atoms. These atoms are made of even smaller units of matter, we call them subatomic particles and of energy. Atoms, unlike molecules are almost indestructible, and when we do manage to break them open the results are all too easily seen, atomic explosions of such power that no living thing can survive, destroyed by the energy released from the broken atoms. Energy therefore exists but does not have a mass, so as material it is not there but at the same time it is still there. Another example is magnetic force, this is energy that can easily be seen to exist, all you have to do is bring two magnets together with the like poles, north and north or south and south next to each other, they will try and force themselves apart.Cells are comprised of the basic elements that are found on our Earth.

There are 92 of these basic elements or atoms and they combine into molecules and some of these molecules can be found in all cells. All cells need water to exist and water is a molecule made up from two hydrogen and one oxygen atoms.Our human body is about 98% water molecules, so we are approximately 66% hydrogen and 33% oxygen. So what does this al! mean? It means that there are particles of matter and units of energy, and everything, as far as we know is made of combinations of this. Any good encyclopedia will explain this to you in more detail if you feel the need to know but I believe this is enough for the moment.