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Here is a small snippet from my book The Dream Detective

Chris Robinson first contacted the Regional Crime Squad in 1988 with information concerning an IRA atrocity. It was treated with scepticism at first as the police have many approaches from people claiming psychic powers who are either attention-seeking, misguided or whose information proves inaccurate.

I was, however, asked by the Regional Co-ordinator to monitor Chris’ dreams, which I did, sometimes on a daily basis, until I retired from the police in 1995. As a senior police officer and experienced detective, I had always concerned myself with hard facts and usable evidence. Because of this, Chris did not find me an easy contact to report to, but over the years Chris has convinced me of the genuine belief he has in his powers.

Despite the vagueness of many of his dreams, we have worked together on a number of investigations and Chris has been able to offer helpful information in relation to major crimes and terrorist activities.

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